Přihlášená díla 2020

Ing. arch. Stanislava Fixelová, Stabil

Velká Bíteš, Primary School Tišnovská 153 Reconstruction and Superstructure of the School, Front Area of the School

Ing. arch. Stanislava Fixelová
Axmanova 532/15, 62300 Brno
Hlinky 142c, 60200 Brno
Ing. arch. Stanislava Fixelová
Ing. Petr Daniel, Ing. Andrea Guziurová
Velká Bíteš
Kraj Vysočina
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
A complex of relatively heterogeneous buildings, interconnected and arranged in U-shape: the original school from 1904, the modern school from 1972 and a catering section as a connecting element between them. Due to the location of this complex in immediate vicinity of the original town fortifications and the Church of St. John the Baptist the reconstruction was conceived so as not to disturb the overall character of the area; at the same time, contemporary materials and morphology were used. The task was to build new specialised classrooms with facilities. In order to accommodate them in the original school with a gable roof, a partial attic structure in the courtyard pitch of the roof and an extension to the courtyard were built. The street front of the original school with a saddle roof was restored to its original mass – a roof pediment was added, the historicizing embossed structure and colour scheme of the façade as well as the material and division of the windows were restored. Historical paving was partially preserved in the interiors. The recent parts of the school contrast with this classic building. The original hipped roof with fired clay roofing was replaced with a flat-roofed superstructure making the third floor. It does not span the entire floorplan. A significant intervention was to make an entrance hall by removing a ceiling, giving rise to a stately entrance space, in line with the generous front area that necessitated significant adaptations. The original area was expanded thanks to a retaining wall. Thanks to its surface finish, its furnishing and a statue of Komenský (Comenius), it is now adequate to the importance of the school. The central part had to be designed as an independent, yet connecting element. Here an analogy with the shape and material of the nearby church tower was used: it is covered by an arched roof with sheet metal roofing. The same material was used on the superstructure and serves as facing of the glass portal shelter.