Přihlášená díla 2020

Ing. arch. Martin Čeněk

Three row houses Libocká

Ing. arch. Martin Čeněk
Ing. arch. Martin Čeněk, Ph.D.
Ing. Jiří Bartoň
Praha 6
Hlavní město Praha
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
When designing the set of three family row houses in the village-like context of Liboc in Prague 6, our aim was to pay particular attention to the local context and define a volumetry and a choice of materials that would refer to traditional architecture of the surroundings as well as to the specifics of the plot. The trio of family houses is set in the existing context along Libocká street in this historical part of Prague, formerly an independent village. To the east of the new building, there is a row of houses of the original tissue that strictly respects the street boundary line. To the west, the plot is adjacent to a sloping road leading to a former cemetery at the historic Hvězda preserve, which is neighbouring the plot on the south side. Behind this road, a more expressive recent villa is located, considerably retreated from the street line and with dominant corner. The plot is sloping steeply to the north resulting in a configuration where the entrances from the street level are one floor below the garden, naturally separating public and private exterior spaces. The simple white volume which strictly follows the street boundary contains two of the houses, its length along the street reflecting the typical plot width of the old village, while the end section clad in grey aluminium turns away to reflect the neighbour, and its exceptional position means that it contains a larger home of the client himself. Although the volumes and materials are referring to traditional architecture, they are interpreted as a simple and modest homogeneous mass with minimal detailing. All three houses are distributed on four levels, the lower one being in contact with the street, while the second is open to the garden. The bottom floor is set back to give a feeling of lightness to the simple monochromatic volumes above. The interior design of the houses aimed to attain overall simplicity, clarity and functionality of the spaces, and with a moderate choice of materials.