Přihlášená díla 2020

DOMYJINAK architekti

Technical Highschool TOS Varnsdorf - conversion

DOMYJINAK architekti
Zelená 17, 160 00 Praha 6, CZ
doc. Ing. arch. Petr ŠIKOLA, Ph.D., doc. Ing. arch. Václav DVOŘÁK, CSc., Ing. arch. Jan ČERNOCH, Ing. arch. Kristýna BEDNÁŘOVÁ
Jiří Mezera / grafika a orientační systém
Ústecký kraj
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
This project is a conversion of unused industrial halls from the 1970s, situated in the premises of the TOS Varnsdorf engineering plant, into a new training centre - secondary vocational school. The idea of the design was to create an educational building with an industrial character and with an unique atmosphere, close to real production premises and processes, with meeting places for students, teachers and company experts. Students are placed in an inspiring environment close to the actual practice in the TOS Varnsdorf engineering plant. The concept of the project is based on the installation of a new structure into an existing double-hall - individual blocks of new functions defining new spaces are inserted. The volume solution is linear - a transverse and longitudinal wing is connected to the double-hall. The expression of the construction is defined by simple lines and industrial materials evoking mechanical production - silver metal, horizontal lines of black windows, white smooth plaster, stainless typography Web: Industry. The main entrance with a view through the object is a significant element, which is horizontally penetrated into the volume. A panoramic window of the school management office emerges from the main façade. The focal point of the interior layout is the central hall with an orange amphitheatre, ready for rest, meetings and lectures. Vocational classrooms with variable division of spaces follow. Their arrangement is very close to real production spaces. In the following part the sports hall with facilities is designed. The central hall space is lined with galleries that connect it to a block of tribal classrooms whose entrances are accented by orange niches. A part of the project is a dining room, accessible from the entrance hall, with large-format glazing oriented into the natural environment. In the adjacent transverse wing there are spaces for teachers and school management. Specialized classrooms are situated in the top floor.