Přihlášená díla 2020

Studio Arc

Family house in Smolné Pece

Studio Arc
Kupkova 796/20, 103 00 Praha 10
akad. arch. Oldřich Hozman
Smolné Pece
Karlovarský kraj
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
The house stands on the southern slope. A special wish of the owner was thatched roof. The impression of the country house is supported by the southern overhang of the roof which brings certain porch character. The main entrance to the house is on the south facade of the house. It can be easily seen from the entrance to the property. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, pantry, utility room under the staircase, living area, dining room, bedroom, children room and bathroom. There are two children's rooms on the 1st floor. The main central hall space of the attic is oriented to the south. There is a library and seating area near the largest central window overlooking the countryside. On the north side of the house is located a staircase, a small warehouse and bathroom with toilet. House is designed as a low-energy building. Owners also wanted the house to be from healthy building materials and to have breathable structures without vapor barriers. The main external wall is made of insulating bricks 24 cm. On the outside is additional insulation of breathable mineral wool in two layers in thickness of 2 x 12 cm and mineral plaster. The internal partitions are half-timbered beams 14 x 14 cm and are bricked with unburnt bricks. This ensures good heat accumulation in winter and cold in summer. The house has large roof overhangs that prevent the interior from overheating in the summer. The pleasant climate in the house is helped by clay plasters, which are on all walls and ceilings. The foundations of the house and the stonework of the house are lined with quarry stone from the plot. The heat loss of the whole house is 7.45 kW. All heating in the house is radiant. Living rooms are heated by wall heating. Bathrooms and corridors are heated by floor heating. A supplementary heat source in the house is a wood stove. Stove has two fireplaces. One serves for cooking stove. This part is facing the kitchen. The second fireplace is towards the living room and the dining table.