Přihlášená díla 2020

ellement architects

Revitalization of public space in the vicinity of the 1st segment house in the housing estate Jižní Svahy, Zlín

ellement architects
Nad Ovčírnou II. 1295, Zlín
Ing. arch. Hana Maršíková, Ing. arch. Jitka Ressová, Ing. Kateřina Páterová
Ing. Zuzana Hegmonová
Marcela Sedlářová,
Zlínský kraj
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
The housing estate Jižní Svahy was founded in 1970-1980 and its design exceeds the regional significance. The design of the architects Šebestián Zelina and Jiří Gřegorčík became the basis for further processing. The urban conception is based on the principle of creating a good living environment of the residential unit, while respecting the landscape relief, building on the positive characteristic features of Zlín's urbanism. The first stage of the construction is dominated by a thirteen-storey apartment building called the 1st segment. The concept is based on a way of life in a housing estate, outside the center of the “old town” and yet in the heart of the “new town” on a hill. With all the diversity of people and their needs. Space has become an image of this diversity. An image in which we can find children's playfulness and fun for teenagers. Relaxation under the future shadow of platane trees for seniors, active area for markets, concerts and community events across the age. The basic motif of the “image” is the circle element that divides the surface both functionally and graphically. In the area, the line of the circle, which follows the ground plan shape of the segment, is also copied. In the rear part of the area connected to the elementary school there is a children's playground reminiscent of the landscape. A playground for older children is located near the playing area. This area is followed by a “scattered hardened area” for cycling, or it can serve as a meeting place for community activities. In the summer, the water element in the form of nozzles spraying from the surface of the surface allows for refreshment. Tall solitary trees - plane trees are planted in the paved area before trees grow up and will be shaded by an atypical element - parasols.