Přihlášená díla 2020


Renovation of the Evangelical Church in Hodslavice

U Santošky 9
Václav Šuba, Jakub Červenka
Doc. Ing. arch. Kamil Mrva, Ph. D.
Moravskoslezský kraj
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
The church in Hodslavice was built in 1813 for one of the three oldest evangelical parish congregations in Moravia. The need for renovation together with the evolving way of life in the evangelical church resulted in a project that unites the congregation’s needs with contemporary approaches to the preservation of sacred buildings. The new shape of the podium in the presbytery, along with the removal of the parson’s bench, enables a more versatile use of this space for all the ecclesiastical and cultural activities that are now firmly ingrained in the daily life of the congregation. Both the altar table and the cross have been removed and replaced by a new Table of the Lord, revealing a stained glass window in the axis of the church. Following on from the entryway, a new space for cultural and sacred activities has been created. The tectonics of the church have been emphasised by purging the space of disruptive interior layers, unsuitable paint colours and inadequate material solutions. In their place, new paint has been applied, and a new floor of sandstone and massive pinewood installed. This creates a calm background against which the church’s original details and symbols, carefully restored, can stand out. A new lighting solution supports the spatial impression of the nave. Where possible, the original masonry has been revealed. The typography of a verse from the Psalms, inscribed in the first arch of the nave, is refined. Heating and draining are newly conducted, following the original solutions.