Přihlášená díla 2020

ASGK Design

Refurbishment and extension of Rondo-Cubist villa

ASGK Design
Františka Křížka 362/1, Praha
Mgr. arch. Gabriela Kaprálová, Ing. arch. Simona Prylová Strejčková, Ing. Andrea Betinová
Ing. Petr Macháček, Ing. arch. Milan Drbálek, Ing. arch. Tomáš Novák
Hlavní město Praha
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
How to maintain the original spirit of the Rondo-Cubist villa while meeting current living demands? How to solve the absence of a garage on a small plot? How to incorporate a modern extension to the villa without disturbing its unique character? These questions lead to the parallel steps which allowed us to achieve our goal. First came the removal of insensitive interventions in which original elements were replaced or damaged. These elements were restored and complemented by modern additions that respect and develop its rondo-cubist morphology. The basic geometric shapes - triangle, semicircle and circle - play a major role in the building’s dialogue. The functional use of all floors was reassessed so circulation was logical and served its occupiers who are a multi-generation family. Now an open space lies at the heart of the ground floor, featuring a lounge, dining room and kitchen. A main area is defined by a perimeter ledge inspired by the motif from the villa's facades. This social space connects upwards to the owner’s private floor which contains a bedroom and other facilities. The attic is residential, serving the youngest members of the family, whilst the semi-recessed basement houses an en-suite room for grandparents and the client’s home office which has a southerly exit to the garden. The existing mass of the villa from the northwest is seamlessly connected with a single-storey reinforced concrete extension forming a green hill rising from east to west to the street corner and then descending to the original terrain from the north, linking with the southern green garden. This addition is inconspicuous; benefitting the topography of the place and providing a garage and sauna. The addition doesn’t compete with the original house, along with the balcony and glazed porch it complements it, creating a harmonious dialogue between old and new.