Přihlášená díla 2020

VYŠEHRAD atelier

Kindergarten in Pacov

VYŠEHRAD atelier
Zelený pruh 111, Praha 4
Ing. arch. Pavel Marek, Ing. arch. Zdeněk Rychtařík, Ing. arch. Jiří Smolík, Ing. arch. Martin Šafránek, Ing. arch. Tomáš Maceška
Ing. arch. Tereza Mandíková, Ing. arch. Kristina Sudreová
Kraj Vysočina
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
The original kindergarten stood north of Pacov city centre. Given the poor state of its five sections, the decision was taken to design a new building in line with the current standards for preschool education. The new building consists of a two-storey main building and five one-storey pavilions linked by a hall. The pavilions, each dedicated to an individual section, open into the surrounding garden thanks to large wooden terraces, while pavements connected playground areas throughout the kindergarten. Parking for employees and visitors is situated between the main two-story building and Jan Vojna street. Catering and supply is located on the eastern side of the main building. The new kindergarten’s design concept places each of the pavilions into the site’s large garden at different angles and positions. There are two types of pavilions, rotated and placed in order to create interesting courtyards for the children. The main building, located on the north side of the site, is a two-story building with classrooms. The generous second floor console clearly defines the main entrance. The foyer leads into the main hall that connects the pavilions and provides a comfortable and interesting space for children and staff. The expression of the pavilions is dominated by the large loggias that mediate the connection between interior and exterior. The principle of contrast between plain surfaces and generous openings is used in the main building as well as in the pavilions, which are covered by a wooden larch facade accented with expressively coloured loggias. The main building is treated in neutral grey plaster.