Přihlášená díla 2020

Ing. arch. Petr Buryška

General Sochor

Ing. arch. Petr Buryška
Svatojánské náměstí 1056/22
Ing. arch. Petr Buryška
Ostrava - Poruba
Moravskoslezský kraj
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
The assignment came from the considerations of the owner, a lawyer, who recently graduated and inherited the apartment from her grandmother. The apartment is located on the 3rd floor of a residential building (4 floors, 2 entrances) situated in a quiet locality (the core of the IV district of Ostrava - Poruba) built in the early 60s. The owner decided not to sell the apartment and because she lives in Prague and also due to the size of the apartment, the aim was to create an attractive space for rent primarily to students, young couples or individuals. At the investment limit, the motive of the design was the creation of an imaginary 3d canvas, which the alternating occupiers have to complete in their own way – delineated by works of Marek Nenutil. The apartment thus by layering acquires patina, while it was tied to the original textures, when despite the grooving of electrical wiring new plastering was not made, parquet floor was renovated and the original door were refurbished including the bakelite handles. The first major decision was to unfix the insufficient north-south oriented 2+1 apartment layout on area of 53 m2 and to enlarge the bathroom, which fits the living space with a sliding window. In this way, all "rooms" except of WC provide flowing space for a variety of uses, while the function of the places is distinguished by the floor material - the original linoleum has been replaced by new PVC. Interesting is use of an alternative material to concrete finishing, but about 5 times cheaper. Furnishing items are selected in slightly above-standard quality with the necessary consideration of their aesthetic aspect. Despite the limited budget, the decision-making process took into account the owner's imagine of living in the apartment. Some of the works were done by the owner, author and friends.