Přihlášená díla 2020


Carpenter’s family house

Rybkova 23, objekt 24, 60200 Brno
Ing. arch. Lukáš Svoboda
Lukáš Kubů, Markéta Kubů
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
The building was constructed on the site of its original timber house, in a hidden valley, in a neighbourhood consisting of only a few houses. Previously the valley was completely deforested during a period of intense settlement and development however it is once again hidden among tall forests which shield sunlight. The concept arose after a lengthy discussion about the entire building, ranging from the decision to demolish the original house, organization and aesthetics and on to detailed design solutions. The basic idea was to delicately replicate the former building, respecting its original characteristics - especially the location of the building, its size and proportions, interior layout and material solutions. The objective was to bring together the structural, technological and aesthetic qualities of traditional and modern architecture. The exposed concrete plinth supports a precisely processed timber frame construction, insulated with fiberboard materials. The sandwich envelope does not use any synthetic vapor barriers nor OSB panels. It benefits purely from the natural attributes of high-quality materials. Long-span joists are based on the original, fully functional design of the building. Frameless glazing in combination with traditional windows in their original proportions, allows the maximum available sunlight to enter the living room. The façade uses multiple types of cladding, including shingles. The primary living space is the living room. The ground floor is also equipped with a workshop and restroom while the bedrooms for the family are situated in the attic. With a sense of traditional craftsmanship and an eye for fine interior details, the house was built by the clients themselves!