Přihlášená díla 2020


Bus station Strakonice

Podolská 401/50, 147 00 Praha 4
Ing. arch. Vladimír Krajíc, Ing. arch. Martin Křenek
Ing. Luděk Němec, statika, Ing. František Stráský, doprava
Jihočeský kraj
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
The motto of the design is to create a modern urban space with preference of safe pedestrian movement with continuity to the surrounding area. The location of the new terminal responds to the requirement to create a modern transport hub in the town of Strakonice with a close relation between the bus and railway stations. The space of the site is limited by the existing building of the Billa department store and the railway station. The transit road in front of the station is cancelled. Two bays are created with consistent separation of bus and car traffic. The space between the bays, including a small square with greenery, is design for safe movement of passengers. The separation of these bays is confirmed by the building of the new terminal, located perpendicularly to the Billa department store and in close relation to the railway station. This solution creates a closed public space with a resting mode for pedestrians and passengers. The terminal establishes a characteristic element for the area defined by streets Dopravní and Textiláků – the connection of the transport and business functions in a close relationship. The building of the new terminal is design as an open monolithic shape placed in the defined space. The building covers the platform of the bus station, a pedestrian path leading to the underpass to the railway platforms, and also covers the K + R parking area with handling space for passenger boarding. Passenger movement is completely barrier free.