Přihlášená díla 2020

Ateliér Daďa Architekti

7 Ruzyně Apartments

Ateliér Daďa Architekti
Na Pískách 1490/14, Praha 6
Ing. arch. Hana Kotyzová, doc. Ing. arch. Jaroslav Daďa, Ph.D.
Ing. arch. Martin Švéda
Praha 6
Hlavní město Praha
Project started
Realisation finished
Project overview
Apartment house 7 Ruzyne Apartments is located in Prague 6 - Ruzyne in the area of sports unity TJ Ruzyne. The building has three floors, one underground floor, and contains a total of 7 apartments, hence the name 7 Ruzyně Apartments. The architectural design is based on the analysis of the area and its orientation towards the cardinal points. The distinctive mass composition of the building is based on the horizontal shift of the volumes of the daily parts of the apartments within the individual floors. This creates between the individual volumes of residential terraces and loggias. The northern part, on the other hand, is quiet, consisting of a simple prism containing bedrooms, bathrooms and staircase. The windows on the southern façade are protected against overheating by steel breakers. Housing units are 3 + kk with ideal orientation of living space to the south, bedrooms have east and west orientation. All common areas in the house are designed as wheelchair accessible. In the underground floor there is a collective garage for 7 cars, 6 cellars, a utility room, a boiler room and one apartment. In the above-ground part there are 6 residential units with terrace, respectively loggia. Structurally, the building is designed as a reinforced concrete monolith, the windows are aluminum with hanging assembly, the facades are insulated with mineral wool, the plaster is two-layer, ground. The building is heated by an air-water heat pump located on the roof.