About Czech Architecture Award

Central motive of the contest display of Czech Architecture Award is presentation of architecture to broad public, and not only form the view of its aesthetic and technical quality, but primarily in the context of its creations, relation to its environment and social benefits. Because of this the award will be accompanied by a series of concomitant events. The award will propagate the architecture throughout the year and across all regions of the Czech Republic. Tied with the narrower selection of the 50 works, which will be introduced to public in June, during the so called nomination evening, the award will promote this selection with exterior exhibitions or interventions in public premises. Members of the international jury of experts, composed of prestigious awards for architecture holders, will be presented to public by seminars, lectures or workshops.


About Czech Chamber of Architects

CCA is an autonomous profession association with transferred executive powers of civil service, which was established by the Act No. 360/1992 Sb., on the professional practice of authorised architects and on the professional practice of authorised engineers and technicians active in construction. CCA bears responsibility for professional, expertise and ethic practices of the profession of architects in the Czech Republic. From the year 2014 the Chamber is the official suggestion seat for laws, legal adjustments and regulations, whose concern the profession of architect.



Statute Czech Architectural Award
Rules of Procedure for the jury