The Czech Architecture Award’s primary aim is to present architecture to the wider public. A competitive showcase of the best in Czech architecture, the CAA not only highlights the aesthetic and technical quality of the nominated projects, but considers the context in which they have been built, their relationship to their surroundings and the social benefits they offer. Accordingly, the award is accompanied by a series of complementary events, taking place throughout the year and across all regions of the Czech Republic. Each June, a shortlist of approximately 30 works will be announced to the public at the CAA nomination evening, which also features exhibitions and interventions in public space. The CAA’s international jury, made up of award-winning architects, will be introduced to the public via seminars, lectures and workshops.

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Registration is closed, the jury decides on the shortlist (nominations).

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26. února
2024, 18:00
15. dubna
2024, 21:59
27. června
7. listopadu
za 9 dní
za 5 měsíců

Works submitted to the 9th year.

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